How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5
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6 June 2024

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5 Easily

Struggling to pair Bluetooth headphones with your PlayStation 5? You’re not the only one. The PS5 doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, so you need extra gear. But don’t worry. This guide will show you how to enjoy gaming with Bluetooth audio on your PS5.

Wondering if you can use Bluetooth headphones with your PS5? Many gamers are asking this. Even though the PS5 doesn’t support Bluetooth directly, we’ll share ways to connect. This includes methods for headphones that aren’t officially listed as compatible.

Key Takeaways

  • The PS5 does not have integrated Bluetooth connectivity, requiring the use of a USB audio dongle to connect Bluetooth headphones.
  • Not all Bluetooth headphones are compatible with the PS5, so it’s important to check for certified models or explore alternative connection methods.
  • You can use your TV’s Bluetooth capabilities to connect unsupported Bluetooth headphones to your PS5.
  • Wireless headphones can significantly enhance your gaming experience by eliminating tangled wires and providing greater freedom of movement.
  • Following the proper steps to pair your Bluetooth headphones with the PS5 is crucial for a seamless audio setup.

Does PS5 Have Bluetooth?

Sadly, Sony PlayStation consoles like the PS5 don’t come with Bluetooth. This means Bluetooth gear such as headphones and game pads won’t connect to the console. But don’t worry, there are ways around this. You can use a PS5 Bluetooth adapter or dongle to connect your Bluetooth devices.

PS5’s Lack of Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity

If you’re concerned, not every headphone will work with the PS5. Even top brands might not connect. But, there are well-known headsets that are certified to work with the PS5 every time.

Bluetooth Accessories Not Natively Supported

The PS5 might lack built-in Bluetooth, but you can still pair your Bluetooth headphones to PS5. How? Use a compatible PS5 Bluetooth adapter or audio dongle. This lets you enjoy PS5 Bluetooth audio for a better gaming experience.

How to Connect Supported Bluetooth Headphones to PS5?

If you’ve got Bluetooth headphones that work with the PS5, setting them up is easy. You typically get a wireless USB dongle with these. This makes it easy to connect them to your console.

Using a Wireless USB Dongle

Connecting your Bluetooth headphones to the PS5 is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Check if your headphones can use a USB dongle. Ensure you have this accessory ready.
  2. From the headphones package, take out the dongle and wireless headset. Plug the dongle into a USB port on your PS5.
  3. Get the dongle into pairing mode, as the manual guides you.
  4. Put your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode too.
  5. After a short wait, a fast-blinking light will show on either the dongle or the headphones. This signals they have connected.

Pairing the Headphones with the Dongle

After the dongle and headphones pair up, your PS5 will find them. Then, you can use your headphones for top-notch audio while you play. It’s a smooth experience, thanks to the easy connection with compatible Bluetooth headphones.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5 Without an Adapter

Wondering if it’s possible to link Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 without any extra device? You’re in luck. By using your TV’s built-in Bluetooth feature, you can do this. This trick works for connecting Bluetooth headphones with Xbox or your PS4 as well.

Utilizing Your TV’s Bluetooth Capability

Here’s how to hook up Bluetooth headphones to your PS5 without an adapter:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Find and activate your TV’s Bluetooth mode.
  3. Switch on the Bluetooth on your headphones.
  4. Look for your headphones in the TV’s list of Bluetooth devices to pair them.
  5. When they connect, your TV will confirm the successful pairing.

Pairing Headphones with the TV

Using your TV’s Bluetooth is a smart way to connect Bluetooth headphones with your PS5. No need for extra adapters or dongles. This method makes gaming with wireless sound on your PS5 easy and free of extra gear management.

4 Ways to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to PS5

If your Bluetooth headphone isn’t connecting to the PS5, don’t despair. There are four good ways to make them work. Let’s look at how to connect headphones that the PS5 doesn’t support:

Using the TV’s Bluetooth Capability

Many TV models come with built-in Bluetooth these days. You can pair your Bluetooth headphones with the TV. Then, you can route the PS5’s sound to your headphones through the television.

Purchasing a Bluetooth USB Connector

Get a Bluetooth USB adapter for another fix. These small gadgets plug into your PS5’s USB port. They add Bluetooth to your console. A great option is getting Bluetooth headphones that include a USB connector. This ensures they are compatible with your PS5.

Trying the Side Ports of the PS5

The backports of the PS5 might not always work with Bluetooth headphones. In these cases, the side ports could be the key to success. They might offer better support for your Bluetooth headphones that the PS5 doesn’t recognize.

Using a Wired Headphone

As a last resort, go for wired headphones if Bluetooth ones don’t connect. Just plug your wired headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack. This can be on the DualSense controller or the PS5 unit itself. It offers a solid, wired audio option.

Try these solutions to make your Bluetooth headphones work with the PS5. You might just find the right method for your headphones, even if they’re not made to work with the console.

Can You Connect Airpods to PS5?

Unfortunately, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) doesn’t directly pair with Apple AirPods or any Bluetooth headphones. But you can make this work. To connect your ps5 compatible Bluetooth headphones to your PS5, first, get a compatible Bluetooth adapter. Then, plug it into one of the PS5’s USB ports.

Even though direct Bluetooth support is missing on the PS5, there is a workaround. You can still connect your favorite ps5 connect wireless headphones to the console. Just use a Bluetooth adapter. This lets you enjoy games on your PS5 with great sound through your Bluetooth headphones.

Which Wireless Headphones for PS5?

Looking for top-notch ps5 compatible bluetooth headphones? The Soundcore Space Q45 is a hit. It’s loved by many gamers for its long-lasting battery and great noise-canceling. This combo makes your PS5 games sound better than ever.

The Soundcore Space Q45 is all about comfort. Its headband and ear cups are super soft and they adjust to fit you perfectly. Plus, they cut off outside noise. So, you get lost in your games without any disturbances.

What’s more, these headphones connect easily to your PS5 without lag. The battery life is awesome too, offering endless gaming without breaks to charge up.

Overall, the Soundcore Space Q45 nails it for ps5 compatible Bluetooth Headphones. They’re comfy, high-performing, and full of cool features. If you want to step up your PS5 gaming, these headphones are a solid choice.

Are Wireless Headphones Better for PS5?

Yes, wireless headphones are a great choice for your PS5. They make your gaming experience much better. With no wires to deal with, you can fully focus on your game. You won’t have tangled wires or something pulling at your neck while you play.

The market offers many high-quality wireless headphones. Brands like Soundcore give players lots of options. This makes choosing the right wireless headset for your PS5 and a connect PS5 wireless headphone and headset straightforward.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Your PS5

To connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PS5, start with a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. This device goes into a USB port on your PS5. It lets your PS5 talk to Bluetooth headphones.

Grab a Bluetooth Adapter

First, plug in your Bluetooth transmitter to your PS5. There’s no extra setup needed. Your PlayStation will see the transmitter as soon as you plug it in.

Plug the Adapter into Your PS5

If you’re ready to pair, follow these steps:

Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones, and set them to pairing mode.
  2. Hold the button on the Bluetooth transmitter until it flashes, then wait.
  3. Your headphones and the transmitter will connect automatically.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones Without a Transmitter

Do you want to use Bluetooth headphones with your PS5 without buying a transmitter? You can link your headphones through your TV if it has Bluetooth. This way, you can enjoy your games or movies without bothering anyone.

Using Your TV’s Bluetooth

To start, go to your TV’s settings menu and look for Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Then, put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode. Lastly, choose your headphones from the TV’s list of Bluetooth devices to connect them.


In conclusion, we’ve given a full guide on linking Bluetooth headphones to your PS5. Even though the PS5 can’t directly work with Bluetooth audio, it’s still possible to match your wireless headphones. Ways to do this include a Bluetooth adapter or linking through your TV’s Bluetooth.

By using the steps in this guide, you’ll soon be enjoying top-notch sounds on your PS5. This works for any Bluetooth headphones, whether they’re known to work with PS5 or not. These methods let you choose an audio setup that fits just what you’re looking for when gaming.

If you want to link wireless headphones to your PS5, figure out how to use Bluetooth headphones on your PS5, or match a Bluetooth headset with your PS5, we’ve got the info you need. Knowing the PS5’s Bluetooth issues and the ways around them means you can now enjoy Bluetooth audio on PS5. You’ll also be able to easily link your headset to the PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to PS5?

Unfortunately, the PS5 does not support Bluetooth directly. This means you can’t connect Bluetooth headphones to it. But, you have options. You can use a Bluetooth audio adapter or your TV’s Bluetooth to use wireless headphones with your PS5.

How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my PS5?

To use Bluetooth headphones with your PS5, you need a workaround. This involves either a Bluetooth USB adapter or your TV’s Bluetooth connection. First, for the adapter, just plug it into a USB port and pair your headphones. Or, pair your headphones with your TV and use its Bluetooth to play PS5 audio through them.

Can I connect Airpods to my PS5?

Directly connecting AirPods to a PS5 is not an option. The PS5 does not natively support AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones for sound. But, with the right Bluetooth adapter plugged into the PS5, you can make it work.

What are the best wireless headphones for PS5?

For the PS5, the Soundcore Space Q45 stands out. It’s known for long battery life, great noise-cancellation, and a setup that’s perfect for gaming.

Are wireless headphones better for PS5?

Using wireless headphones is indeed a plus for PS5 gaming. They get rid of the annoyance of cables and let you move freely. Top brands like Soundcore have solid wireless options that enhance the PS5 experience.

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